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The Water Operator Industry

Water Sampling

We provide professional, unbiased water sampling to homes and businesses. You'll get a complete assessment of the water your family uses every day, no matter who your water provider is.

Filtration Consulting

The water we drink is not always clean and clear. As the water we drink contains impurities, we need to filter it to remove all of them. ACG Water Testing, llc provides the right information to fit your water quality needs.

Changing Regulations

If you're a business owner, you know how important it is to stay compliant with regulations. And as the regulations change, it's hard to keep up with their ever-changing requirements. We are here to help!

Hi, my name is Andrew Golden, I am the owner and operator of ACG Water Testing, llc.

I am a licensed water treatment operator based in Troy, New York.  I have been involved in the water purification industry for almost a decade. Working with everything from small well systems that use UV disinfection, all the way up to surface water treatment plants that produce 20 million gallons of drinking water each day.

The main goal of ACG Water Testing llc. is to provide knowledge and awareness of contaminants in your drinking water through testing, consulting, and treatment options. Our specialty is keeping up with State Health Department regulations, and keeping your business in compliance so you can focus on the main aspects of your day to day work.  

Outside of water testing and water treatment, I enjoy performing live music, baking, home renovation projects, and gardening. 

I look forward to working with you!